Eco-Friendly Practices

At Four Farms Place, we believe in living alongside nature. We strive to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. We continually adjust and improve our practices, implementing new ones wherever possible.  

1. Passive Solar Design

The main house was built with a passive solar design, which means the construction utilizes the floors, walls and windows to collect, store and distribute the sun’s energy as heat during the Winter and rejects heat during the Summer. Passive solar does not use electrical devices, but instead, maximizes the potential of elements such as window size and height, thermal insulation, shading, and the local climate. Passive solar design assists in reducing our need for AC and heat usage, which in turn reduces the resources needed to provide electrical or gas heat and cooling.

2. Blinds

The bedroom windows and upstairs apartment of Four Farms Place have Bali brand blackout blinds, which are made to be extra energy efficient. The specific shape of their cells provide added insulation to the house. During the Summer, the blinds are able to block up to 56% of heat from entering the house. In the Winter, the blinds prevent up to 22% of heat from escaping, thus lowering electrical needs and energy consumption.

3. HE Energy Star Appliances

Four Farms Place uses High Efficiency (HE) appliances that are Energy Star qualified. The washing machine uses an average of 25% less energy and 33% less water than standard washers. The dryer uses 20% less energy and include features that combine less heat with sensor drying. This avoids over drying, which in turn saves energy. We only use the dryer when absolutely necessary, since we hang our laundry in the sun to dry. Sunlight is also know to disinfect by reducing bacteria.

4. Reuse

At Four Farms Place we compost as much as possible. All natural foods (except meat and dairy) and other items such as paper towels and tea bags are composted on our property. We keep the scraps in an airtight stainless steel pot until it is ready to be taken out, composted and shared with the worms. The compost is eventually used in the Four Farms Place Garden.

5. Repurpose & Recycle

We use second hand items and buy locally as often as possible. This practice helps reduce our carbon footprint.  We believe that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

6. Other Items of Interest

Four Farms Place has it’s own water well and is not connected to the City of Greensboro water supply. Our water is tested regularly. Most city water supplies across the country contain added fluoride, chlorine and possibly other additives. Our water supply is naturally clean, which is good for our immune system and our healthy garden.